NetFlix Has Got So Many Great New Movies..

So When watching netflix on my PS4 Today i found a few awesome movies that both are great from the beginning to the end, They both have to deal with real world issues that we have today and will encourage anybody with a netflix to go watch them.


Rich Hill, Is the first one i wanna talk about, its a very good movie about 3 boys who live in the town of Rich Hill which is a poor town where 3 trouble teens just try to make it a town that is falling apart around them and the bonds around them that make them stronger, i just wanna say that the end is has its sad parts and happy parts but i will give any more away than that.


Now this next Movie Crash I’m not sure if its an new one or not, but its just as good it talks about the racist issues we have going on in America and around the world, they all meet and same way or forum each other and run into different problems, there are so many great actors in them movie such as Terrence Howard,Sandra Bullock and so many more that a could name, the only thing i don’t under stand is why they name it crash but that could be due to the crash in the middle of the movie but I’m not totally sure, either way its still a must see.


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