My Thoughts on Windows 10

So I have now been using windows 10 for about two or three days know and so far I like it I mean I came from windows 7 with my old pc and I was so use to that I don’t really like the store too much where you can buy apps, I don’t know if its because I’m not use to trying to finding things in a store or it don’t have a simply app called kik where I can message my friends access the globe.

some of the things I do like is the notifications you can get for the apps which I’m kind of idk about, but some of the apps are weird too use but no more about the apps a little more about windows 10 I am also using the default internet browser which is Microsoft edge which isn’t bad but I probably download Firefox or chrome in a few days so I can use ad blocker.

I’m loving Windows 10 so far and I wouldn’t change it for nothing, I use windows 8.1 for a half a day and was so bad the start screen takes up the whole screen where you cant see anything else which sucks, I wont recommend windows 8.1 to even my foes.


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